Why I Stray

Every night I go to sleep With demon pussy sinking deep. You see, I've learned expectantly That in my sea of broken dreams The faintest joy and blindest hope Are weepy, weaker than they seem. If I see sin as cancer She excites the tumors deeper. If I give in to failure, She defeats me as a dancer. Her name is Lovely Lust and man, Her bust is big and blooming. Sometimes her breasts are discontent Like eyes that go perusing. But I don't mind, she fills the time, I fill her inner places. I say, it's fine if no one sees My friction fuck your faces. At night she comes in widowed shame, How could I make her go? She's destitute, no pride, no loot, Why not make this her home? But there's another living there A Girl I love like lightning. With Her that joy and hope is left To sulk and moan that they're bereft Of me, the king of inward realm. I choose who lives and dies! So when I let her take the helm, I'm living in her lies. My Girl, the one who listens close, When all is dark in grey morose Would boast of me if I would choose To love her wine instead of booze; Speckled like a butterfly, my love Is beauty, sure, But what of lust? I will, I must Forsake my whore. After all, her dusty rust Is like a lioness. I watch her stalk her evening prey And cum between her teeth. Now - today! Don't let her lay Upon your ivory tower. Unless perhaps she hints That you could watch her in the shower.. No! How could I be so dumb? Am I so numb to fire? I cannot see a way that I Could choose what I hold dear. With lust, I feel so lonely.. With love, I know true fear. Fear? Is that the root of this? My old, forgotten friend? Fear! Your fangs of folly hiss. Destruction is your trend! Fear. Emotion far from bliss, Perspectives pulled and bent, Fear Is cast away by love, Why do I self-pretend? Love? My Girl, am I the same? She must have gone away. Love! She calls my middle name She waited out the gray.. Love. Her beauty's brightest flame I come and hear her say... Love Is stronger than you(r) fear, So know, I'll always stay.
My Poems
Although some friends abandon lonely way, A Poem About Me Black -> Blue Black Sunlight, Shine! Callings Colorado Love Come Conjunctivitis Daydreams Deep, Deep, Deep i met a girl I Know the Taste of Death I stood alone on morning clear I will not worship the mountains, In your eyes resides a home Greatness The Ghost in Me My Greatest Fear heaven isn't celibate No Matter What Slack Line Love There was a man who loved the Lord There's nothing I can say, Journeys Nature's Hue Watchman, O Watchman What Can Right Ten Thousand Wrongs? When all the world felt dark as night, When violence refuses to be named, Why I Stray Your hair is redder than the sun, The Lord Is The Lord's Will The Quiet Truth

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