I Stood Alone
I stood alone on morning clear Awaiting brighter days, When suddenly from ages past Came River Jordan’s gaze. He slowly slithered toward me With faith in God above But as I searched my heart for Him I felt not fond of love. He said, “Son, see your sword so strong And trust your tired toil, From sea to sea you scrub your heart Of tainted talent’s spoils.” I wrestled there with fear’s desire For insecurity, Till what appeared but burning fire Which stole my purity. She said, “Seduced by brothel’s brood? Man, you are not my first. But bubbling blood can bribe my tongue When apathy sings thirst.” I wondered then what I must do To free myself from pain, But feeling naught save lost in thought I ran away ashamed. With tears I cried out longingly For He who took my blame But though He waited next to me I barely knew His name. In desperate plea and solemn stare I turned to Him and said, “I know Your love has no compare But silence bites like bread.” I listened for the whirling wind And Spirit singing free, But as belief still mourned in grief My love became a tree. It grew and grew in morning dew Till it could lead the way Then showed me who I wanted to Become through darkest days. “I live with you and heard your cry As desperately you died But now it’s clear through wasted tears That I have found my bride.” No longer shall I wait in vain For miracles of youth, But now I stand with hand in hand And pray for simple truth.
My Poems
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