A Poem About Me

Time has a way of removing your pain Just as a father condemning the weeds But how do you find what is hidden inside If never you're given a moment to breathe? One man alone may have treasure inside Hidden for none but his muscles to find But when you awake and are turned from the lies The truth makes you wonder where passion resides? Hard work, for certain, can earn a man plenty Many a man have learned that one by twenty Luck has a way of not finding the guilty But only when airwaves unseen start to glisten I've watched a man go from brother to friend I've seen a girl turn and forsake her land I've grit my teeth in a cold barren wasteland And I've been the one who confides in my waistband But who, may I ask, is the judge of such actions? Who of all creatures reigns over the pastures? Sometimes I find that my words carry meaning But softly and quickly that glimpse seems to trickle Over and under, over and back Watching the ladies preparing their tack Where have the men gone with feet ever open? Why is the spoonful of medicine broken? Here I will sit, surely here shall I stay Hoping that someone will catch him someday If it were me, I would surely not listen Those voices inside hardly care for an instant
My Poems
Although some friends abandon lonely way, A Poem About Me Black -> Blue Black Sunlight, Shine! Callings Colorado Love Come Conjunctivitis Daydreams Deep, Deep, Deep i met a girl I Know the Taste of Death I stood alone on morning clear I will not worship the mountains, In your eyes resides a home Greatness The Ghost in Me My Greatest Fear heaven isn't celibate No Matter What Slack Line Love There was a man who loved the Lord There's nothing I can say, Journeys Nature's Hue Watchman, O Watchman What Can Right Ten Thousand Wrongs? When all the world felt dark as night, When violence refuses to be named, Why I Stray Your hair is redder than the sun, The Lord Is The Lord's Will The Quiet Truth

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