In My beginning I lived like a slave. Scrubbing the floorboards, dodging the waves. I was behaved to the point of excess. List’ning for silence to break into rest. Often out west sailed My captain divine, Hating on anything coated in rhyme, But over time I was lost in distraction, Greasing My gears like a train at the station. Feel the vibrations of ship against sea? Taste the elation like hip holding knee? That is not Me, said the captain, insulted. Get back to packing the paper for shipping. Time bore Me scoldings that tore me apart. Everyone watched as I missed My mark. So in the dark I amused My surroundings, Pounding compounding, expounding My howling. Babies can wail, but no baby would miss Me, Here in the dark where My captain can kiss My Why, you’re a fiesty one. think your life’s free? You come from dirt, work the dirt, then you die. TRY NOT TO CRY screamed My dry erase brain, Madness a-swirling like Einstein’s heir..but No! I refuse to be treated like soil. Look in my eyes when you bless Me with toil. That is not Me, lied the captain with fire. Get back to scrubbing the deck of your human. Time gave Me truth that was state of the stark. Everyone laughed, so I played My part. Soon in My heart I was sure of My standing, Scrubbing the floorboards, watching the waves. I’ve given up on the brightness of lightning. Hasn’t me seen how the captain’s commanding? I am all done bringing rhyme into life. All that it brings Me is strife, and pain, and Waning the moon with My cracked window pane, I feel that nothing I do is the same. I was mistaken to think I was strong Now, back to dust, back to where I belon.. That is not Me, taught the captain of nothing, Get back to something that makes My Me prouder. Time let me drown in the sea of My heart. Everyone danced as I choked my spark.
My Poems
Although some friends abandon lonely way, A Poem About Me Black -> Blue Black Sunlight, Shine! Callings Colorado Love Come Conjunctivitis Daydreams Deep, Deep, Deep i met a girl I Know the Taste of Death I stood alone on morning clear I will not worship the mountains, In your eyes resides a home Greatness The Ghost in Me My Greatest Fear heaven isn't celibate No Matter What Slack Line Love There was a man who loved the Lord There's nothing I can say, Journeys Nature's Hue Watchman, O Watchman What Can Right Ten Thousand Wrongs? When all the world felt dark as night, When violence refuses to be named, Why I Stray Your hair is redder than the sun, The Lord Is The Lord's Will The Quiet Truth

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