Without thinking I became A man who loves himself. Secretly the Lord of hosts Had stocked my spirit’s shelf. And then, like holy clockwork, Love confronted me again. Instead of bringing fear and doubt, She brought her smile and then.. “You know I’m always with you, Even back in blackened sea.. Now please, believe me, baby, All you really need is me.” But still, unholy struggle Means that Hate must have his fill. He crept up from the bushes Bringing pain, and laughed, but still.. “You think I’m on vacation? No, My son, I’m on the grind! I’ll bless you with some poison Through your veins and in your mind!” Now, every day I felt more free To shepherd, sing, and sneeze. I lived my truth so deeply I could hear my demons seethe. The poison had affected me But never stopped my heart. In fact, I started thanking God For quenching spiteful darts. I learned throughout my madness This one truth, in simple form: Love and Hate won’t sit and wait, So choose! Be less lukewarm.
My Poems
Although some friends abandon lonely way, A Poem About Me Black -> Blue Black Sunlight, Shine! Callings Colorado Love Come Conjunctivitis Daydreams Deep, Deep, Deep i met a girl I Know the Taste of Death I stood alone on morning clear I will not worship the mountains, In your eyes resides a home Greatness The Ghost in Me My Greatest Fear heaven isn't celibate No Matter What Slack Line Love There was a man who loved the Lord There's nothing I can say, Journeys Nature's Hue Watchman, O Watchman What Can Right Ten Thousand Wrongs? When all the world felt dark as night, When violence refuses to be named, Why I Stray Your hair is redder than the sun, The Lord Is The Lord's Will The Quiet Truth

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