Colorado Love

Colorado love… Composed of thoughtless ecstasy? Colorado love… A world of color, bright or bleak? One day a long long time ago I smiled at God and said, “Take me somewhere my heart's never been..” He laughed and sang a lullaby, To still my soul to sleep, But in the wind I caught His eye, And knew He’d lead His sheep. Across the world the pages flew, My life in black and white, And people when they saw them knew My balls were bold and bright. The state was Colorado, That land of mountain mares. The sun was El Dorado The earth was laissez faire. I met the road with open arms, I hugged my dad goodbye. And then before I knew it I was driving ‘cross the sky. I sang my whole life story Like a shot of Irish gin, But no one heard the telling tale. My thoughts were caged within. I fin’lly found the hills I loved, But something wasn’t right. I couldn’t touch the sun above. Or even smell her light. Colorado love… What makes these mountains bittersweet? Colorado love… Why do I wander through the street? One day a long long time ago I frowned at God and said, “Help me find friends that make my heart sing.” A week of work and I was swamped With nothing too insightful. Be smart, be kind, be fun, be prompt.. My mind a loaded rifle. A nameless, sulking dread creeped in And cursed my lonely heart My grinning brimming sin within Said, “Tear your soul apart.” But God did not give up on me, He let me feel His pain, That every battle I’d jihad Had driven me insane. He told me honest of my past, How lust made love turn gray, And so, steadfast, my fast would last Forever and a day. I trusted in my Father, Even when He broke my mind, For He had brought me farther And his truth was cold but kind. Eventually I learned to find A rhythm to my life. My humbled heart was counted blind And silence sang of strife. Colorado love… I thought my past was pure and sweet Colorado love… I'm always blind but now I see One day a long long time ago I looked at God and said, “Cleanse my cold heart and help me believe..” And then one day occurring Like an apple pie in May, I felt the Lord within me, Those ghosts were kept at bay. I'd driven out towards Boulder, That place with rocks and trees, But in the steel can holder, There was no more room for me. I drove back towards my unit, But surprised I took a right, And then before I knew it, I was parking in delight! I'd found a hidden treasure, Where Jesus bought me time. The wind blew through with pleasure, The rain washed out my rhyme. That day had brought me close to love, So night brought opposition. A Jewish man said, “Faith's a sham,” But hope had brought conviction. I told him, “Son, you haven't won, See, Jesus’ heart was free But as the stars sang broken bars, He nailed it to a tree.” I'd tarry long and tell the tale Of each long, lovely day, But then my poem, like Jeroboam, Would never go away. Basically I rode a plane And flew on Aetna's dime, And though my wallet seemed to wane, My thoughts were flowing fine. Colorado love… I live with you and you with me Colorado love… You've made my soul your devotee One day a long long time ago I gazed at God and said, “You fill my heart with unspoken things.” I met a humble, happy group, Who bribed me with some food, And I could tell, and daresay smell, Their hearts were pure and good. A couple weeks went by like that! I watched my armor thicken. I worked all day, wrote apps by night, And felt my manhood glisten. I don't know when they felt like friends, But suddenly they were - My mama says it all depends On who you would prefer But never did I choose them! And neither they choose me! I guess that's how His family works It's unconditionally. No, never in my wildest dreams Would I have thought this real. And dreams I had, both strange and sad, But family helped me heal. I dreamed of old ex girlfriends, And blood upon my hands, I dreamed of angry dads offended By my shifting sands. I didn't even tell them how My soul was lost in snow, But still despite the heartbreak They were making my heart glow. By then the app was finished - That is, done enough to share. But still I kept on fighting So that Slack would not compare. Colorado love… These people are like You and me Colorado love… When will You show me how to sleep? One day a long long time ago I sighed at God and said, “My heart has died to what it can't be.” Now, all this time I worked my ass Like some long hated donkey But as my muscles lifted brass My vision went quite wonky. I felt my inner soldier cry To faithful God above, “How can I from your Word imply That two and two make love?” He took me for a walk And let me talk His time away, But then with blades of elvish shade We heard the green grass say, “Guidance is a blessing Of which man should not presume. Don't try to keep on guessing God, But let His Spirit bloom.” That night I walked in darkness, But His Word became my light. And by the moon I found my way When North felt more like night. Another couple weeks went by And friendships took on names. Grantwon, Purple, Sunshine Ray And Tank, the world's best train. I thought my life complete and whole Before they galloped in, But now that family filled a hole I'll miss them like my kin. The lonely world had crushed my hope And stifled my desire, But God, instead of using soap Has cleansed me with His fire. Colorado love… These angels are Your holy sheep Colorado love… Keep them strong, and keep them free One day a long long time ago I smiled with God and said, “Lord, now my heart has finally found peace.”
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