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Team Lead / Software Engineer at Aetna Digital, Inc.

As you may have guessed, my name is Tommy Madden. I have always had an immense passion to make the world a better place, and wish to use my skills in the areas of Web, Android, and Game Development to impact the world in a positive way.

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Worship Slides Creator!

For many religious organizations at Chapman University, it can be difficult to create new slides for the songs they play during weekly meetings. Therefore, I developed an application which automatically gets lyrics from and displays them with a black background and white text, like a slides presentation.

TrueVine App!

Over the last eight months, I have led a team of four to develop an Android app (and the makings of an iOS app) to streamline communication at collegiate organizations. By combining the messaging functionality of Slack with a built in calendar (and Google Calendar integration), TrueVine enables college students to organize their clubs and events easier than ever.

Madden Clan Website!

I created a website for my family, the Madden Clan, to be used as a familial social platform with personalized tools. Through this project I gained a more organized file structure, a better working knowledge of Javascript, and, simply, the meaning of hard work. Over 100 hours were spent in development.

Trogdor vs. Sharknado Game!

I created a desktop game in which the player (a dragon named Trogdor) shoots fire at sharks as they fly towards him. Through this project I learned some of the best practices for game development, more refined graphic design, and how to create sturdy game mechanics. WASD controls with the space bar.

Saferide App!

I created an app which has the potential to function as a ride sharing app (similar to Uber). Through this app, I learned about the usefulness of Fragments in Android, the importance of Multithreading for smoothly running apps, and how to use Google Maps API to perform Location services and show maps.

Mobile Network Database!

I created a database of over two thousand mobile networks worldwide. This database included such information as the number of mobile subscribers to a given mobile network operator, the technologies used, and even carrier aggregation between different frequency bands. This database was a marketable product for Mobile Experts and was sold to multiple clients.

Date Ideas App!

I created an Android app with the intent of providing date ideas for couples. Through this app, I learned the significance of the MVC Framework, learned how to use a Singleton class as a database, and processed user input in a straightforward way. Uniquely, it provides ideas based on the user's emotional state.

Gridworld Game!

Along with my partner Esau Kang, I developed an RPG game featuring a player shaped as a Dorito. Through this game I learned to render images more efficiently, how to work with a partner effectively, and the advantages/disadvantages of various Data Structures. A Hash Map was used to store the usable weapons.

I have also developed numerous other applications which are not (yet) available to the public, but these were the main ones I wanted to feature, code and all. In the process of making these programs and games, I learned the practicality of simple techniques in graphic design, programming, and overall UI/UX design. I hope to use my skills and knowledge to continue to code for a better world in years to come.

All my life, I have been learning to program websites in an interactive, personal way, bringing my creativity as a designer together with my skills as a programmer to develop websites that make sense to people. Using this experience, I hope to develop informative websites that are both professional and fundamentally usable, while still conveying the message that the website is trying to send. Websites can be developed for individuals who seek to market themselves (I. E. an online resume, a reel for a filmmaker, or a portfolio), for businesses interested in attracting new customers, and, as always, for anyone hoping to start a personal blog that's different from the standard cookie cutter WIX websites on the market today. Fill out the contact form below or email me at for details!



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